Katy Brown

[ Superhero ] [ Homemaker ] [ Professional poopie-pants changer ]

Katy Brown’s life is an open book.

Or, more accurately, an open blog.

Since 2006, the Iowa City native and mother of three has been operating a blog — MommyMishmash.com — first for the Press-Citizen and independently since 2009. Funny, engaging and brutally honest, the blog has built quite a following over the years.

“It is my therapy,” Brown said. “I think it’s important to be honest with yourself and those around you. Nobody’s life is perfect and nobody’s life is glamorous. I can pretend I’m a Real Housewife of Orange County, but really, I’m a Real Housewife of Iowa City.”

Brown said she draws inspiration for the blog — which covers virtually every facet of family life, raising children, housework, cooking and just about any other domestic topic you can imagine — from her children and “Superhub,” Matt Brown.

“They’re four of the most amazing little people I’ve ever met,” she said.

And while others might be conscientious about putting their parenting skills out on the Web for the world to see, Brown has no issue putting it all out there — pajama pants at the grocery store, snotty noses and all.

“I feel like I’ve grown as a mom and as a person through my honest expression and my community of readers,” she said.

Brown said exposing her life to the world does present opportunities for people to judge her. However, Brown said that she takes ownership of whatever she says.

“If I say something and I put it out in the universe, I’m going to take full responsibility,” she said.

Healthy recipes, cooking and tips on being frugal are among Brown’s favorite topics, she said.

“I think being frugal is being smart,” she said. “It’s not about not having money to buy something, it’s about choosing how to be smart in spending your money.”

When she’s not tending to her family, home or blog, Brown is a big supporter of Regina Catholic Education Center. Brown volunteers on the school’s marketing and enrollment committees and is also an assistant coach for Girls on the Run, an after-school running program that promotes self-esteem and healthy habits in young girls.

— Lee Hermiston